Shannon Handa Yoga Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Shannon Handa, E-RYT 500

So glad you're here to transform your practice!

My primary focus is to help you build a practice that makes you feel empowered, vibrant, & compassionate towards yourself and others

If you’re anything like me, I came to yoga as a means to de-stress and get away from my to-do list. It helped me relax and get in touch with my body, but then I also found myself struggling to fit into what I thought the “perfect pose” looked like. I was always pushing myself to get there, right now. The longer I worked with this mentality, I found myself getting more frustrated because I was competing with myself & others and the goal didn’t seem any closer. Now here's the good part.

Wonderful teachers walked into my life that showed me how to approach my goals and actually get where I wanted to be, without the frustration or risk of injury! I’m here because I want to pass on that wonderful gift to you!

Now here's the best part. You showed up here with your perfect body, which maybe even has your own set of physical or mental injuries. Great, you’re right where you’re supposed to be! Now, there's only one way to go from here. Reach out to set up a free consultation, so we can see what would work best for you! Let’s make some progress by defining your goals & then help you attain them. Let's see what your yoga looks like! 

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Shannon is a knowledgable and excellent teacher that provides a comfortable and fun atmosphere with an emphasis on finding what works best for each individual. Highly recommend her, I instantly felt lighter and happier after a few private lessons.

Angelica V.

Shannon is an amazing teacher! She really helped me get comfortable with my practice and I've stuck with her ever since! She's very helpful and her guidance is calming and instructional. Amazing teacher can't wait for more! 

Lena K.

"Shannon helped guide me through a very transformational period of my life. Our sessions helped me uncover a lot of patterns that weren't serving and remove some emotional blockages. She also helped me build a few mindful practices that I still use 2 years later." 

Bryan P.

Public Class Schedule, Upcoming Workshops, & Retreats

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