Ayurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Ayurveda, the Sister Science of Yoga, is known as the Knowledge of Life. It shares the ageless wisdom of how to live a life of joy, vitality, health, balance, stability, and so much more! We all hold the key to our own health in our hands, it's just about re-discovering that knowledge and wisdom. To learn how to truly listen to your body, mind, and heart so you can live your Dharma into the evolvement of your Highest Self. 

Through looking at your diet & lifestyle, we can find the right balance for your unique constitution. In this way, you can live a healthier and more vibrant life now

We harness the power of prevention before diseases manifest. 

We all are born with our unique constitution, which in Ayurveda is referred to as Prakriti. However, as we move through our busy, modern lives we can fall out of balance due to the diet we consume, our lifestyle, and other factors. This state of disbalance is referred to as Vikriti in Ayurveda. 

In our sessions together, we will:

✧ learn about your current nutrition & lifestyle choices

    ✧ understand where there are signs of disbalance (Vikriti),

    ✧ make adjustments so we can bring you closer to your constitutional balance (Prakriti)

    For Nutrition this can be in terms of:

    • current digestion
    • improving digestion
    • meal timings
    • what types of foods you eat
    • best food combinations
    • poor food combinations
    • common meals
    • food temperature
    • so much more!

    For Lifestyle this can be in terms of:

    • sleep schedule
    • work/life balance
    • recommended types of exercises for you
    • yoga
    • meditation
    • your relationships
    • self care
    • grounding practices
    • so much more!

    ​You will have a safe, nonjudgmental space to discuss your goals and needs, which allows for growth! 

    Sessions will be according to your schedule.

    Initial Consult: €90 for 90 mins.       (Ex. VAT)

    Follow Up Consult: €45 for 45mins.      (Ex. VAT)

    Online sessions also available.

    BOOK NOW by emailing shannonhandayoga@gmail.com.