Amplify Your Potential Online Course

Amplify Your Potential is an interactive online immersion created to guide you on how to live through the Power of Heart Connection, Your Intuition, & Balanced Energetic Centers. You'll receive 9 modules delivered through an online classroom platform and 9 Live Group Teach and Q&A calls. You'll be invited to a Private Facebook Community to help support your transformation.You will: 

  • Receive 2 Personal Mentorship Sessions with Shannon 
  • Find Deeper Fulfillment at the Soul Level
  • Transform Your Relationship to Yourself & Others
  • Understand Your Unique Energy: Where it Flows & Where it's Blocked, so that you can increase your Energetic Potential and Vibration
  • Receive Teachings & Accessible Tools To Connect You to Your Mind, Body, Heart, & Soul 
  • Release Limiting Beliefs, Patterns, & Behaviors stored in Your Mind, Body, Heart, & Soul
  • Receive Practical Tools to Feel More Grounded, Vibrant, and Nourished by Your Life
  • Receive Community Support and Mindset Shifts
  • Receive Practical & Accessible Tools on How to Bring Your Spirituality into Your Daily Life
  • Receive Answers to Your Biggest Questions about The Path of the Heart, Intuition, & Living a High Vibration Life
  • Be Immersed in a Professional & Easy to Use Online Classroom

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