Multidimensional Therapy

Multidimensional Therapy (MDT) provides the opportunity to re-harmonize your energetic body, which can in turn improve physical, mental, and emotional issues. We are all powerful energetic beings, but due to our busy lives, relationships, familial patterns etc. we can lose our center of balance. MDT address all layers of you, from what is in your field of consciousness, as well as the unconscious, where many of our limiting behaviors and patterns lie. Through MDT, you root into your Heart, connect to your Guides, and release limitations to come back to your Highest Self. 

Q: What will my session look like?

A: You will be lying down on a massage table, fully clothed, with a cozy blanket and an eye pillow. You will be guided to focus on your breath and through a grounding visualization. Through the session, you can keep your focus here, move into a state between being awake & asleep, or fall asleep! Your session will be powerful either way. I will be channeling the energy to you in the way your energetic body requires. This varies from person to person, but it can be through being seated next to you and sending you energy, through placing crystals on your physical body, or with physical touch to guide the energy. Other elements such as essential oils and sound healing tools are also incorporated. 

After the session, we will share feedback and address what can help guide you forward on your path!

There is only so much that can be described through words, as each experience is unique and powerful in its own way. So experience this session for yourself to dive deeper!

Q: What if I cannot attend in person? Because I live in another country etc.

A: Distance sessions are also available. The therapy has the same effect, whether it is in person or distance.

€120 for 60 mins.      (Ex. VAT)

For any further questions or clarification, please feel free to reach out. 


"Completely lost track of time and recharged completely. Shannon is a perfect guided healer." -José V.