Private, Semi-Private, & Corporate Meditation

Private Meditation:

Private meditation classes can take place in your home, office, and more!

They are the perfect way to ensure you:

-create a space that supports your specific practice needs

-practice meditation on your schedule 

-formulate and achieve specific goals

-have a customized practice for your mental health 

-create a solid foundation for your meditation practice

-develop & deepen your own practice


Semi-Private Meditation:

Get the benefits of your own practice with a few friends!


Corporate Meditation

Practice with your colleagues!

Bringing your practice into the office helps:

-increase your productivity! Getting a chance to recharge mentally & physically can do wonders for that upcoming project deadline

-improve your posture! Let's face it, our bodies are not meant to sit on a chair & be at a desk all day. Having a chance to practice meditation during the day can help relieve the stress our busy work lives put on our body & mind. Having a meditation practice helps improve posture, which translates into how you sit at your desk. 

-build a stronger sense of community among you & your colleagues

-bring a fun, new dynamic into your workspace!

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