Private, Semi-Private, & Corporate Yoga

Private Yoga

Private yoga classes can take place in your home, office, gym, and more!

They are the perfect way to ensure you:

✧ create a space that supports your specific practice needs

✧ can practice yoga on your schedule 

✧ formulate and achieve specific goals; whether it's for your own mental health, strength, flexibility, to help work with your injuries, and just to be more you!

✧ have a customized practice for your body

✧ create a strong & solid foundation for your practice

✧ develop & deepen your own practice

✧ connect to Your Highest Self

 €120 for 60 mins.      €150 for 90 mins.      (Ex. VAT)

Semi-Private Yoga

Get the benefits of your own practice with a few friends!

 €120 for 60 mins.      €150 for 90 mins.      (Ex. VAT)

Corporate Yoga

Practice with your colleagues!

Bringing your practice into the office helps:

✧ increase your productivity! Getting a chance to recharge mentally can do wonders for that upcoming project deadline

✧ improve your posture! Let's face it, our bodies are not meant to sit on a chair & be at a desk all day. Having a chance to practice yoga during the day can help relieve the stress our busy work lives put on our body.

✧ build a stronger sense of community among you & your colleagues

✧ bring a fun, new dynamic into your workspace!

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Private Yoga Testimonials:

"Shannon is an amazing teacher! She really helped me get comfortable with my practice and I've stuck with her ever since! She's very helpful and her guidance is calming and instructional. Amazing teacher can't wait for more!" -Lena K.

"Shannon focuses on the inner core of yoga and the asanas: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She brings deep awareness and experience to each session, and my connection to the practice has deepened and transformed as a result." -Ignatius N.

Corporate Yoga Testimonials:

“I did not have that much experience with yoga, before Shannon started teaching here. But I can say that I really enjoy her teaching. Her sessions are the sublime blend of intensive and relaxing moments, while she also brings new postures each week. I’m not the only one that feels this way, as we welcomed a lot of hesitating colleagues into the lessons; now we can’t get rid of them.” -Lucas B.

“Shannon is very professional in her teaching. She makes you understand the deeper meaning of the movements and motivates you to develop yourself. It's always very relaxing to do a yoga session with her in our office after a long day of hard work.”-Liselot B.

“Shannon's classes are excellent. Shannon transmits a wholesome message both by words and the postures she instructs. Her lessons breathe the philosophy that matters simply are, that the coping mechanism is acceptance of those matters, rather than alteration. During the yoga class Shannon plays some fine tunes too. I would thus recommend her as a yoga teacher.” -Thomas W.

I like Shannon's way of teaching due to the dynamics of the class. Besides, it's very efficient to do yoga right after your working day in your own office, not having to travel to a studio.” -Zach B.