Spiritual Life Coaching Sessions

Sessions for those seeking to connect with themselves on a deeper level. Sessions are customized to each individual's goals, needs, and wherever you are in your journey. Students are given tools which can be applied in daily life

Sessions can take place in your home, office, and more!

They are the perfect way to ensure you formulate and achieve specific goals, which can be to: 

✧ amplify your potential

✧ live as the most elevated version of you 

✧ understand roadblocks holding you back from where you want to be in your life

✧ make a stronger impact in your work or business

✧ connect to your value & worth---build confidence

✧ build communication & leadership skills 

✧ bring more consciousness & awareness into your daily life and relationships 

✧ understand how fear and trust operate in your life

✧ connect to your purpose

✧ create a clear connection to your mind, body, heart & soul

✧ uncover and dissolve deep rooted limiting beliefs

✧ uncover and dissolve sabotaging behaviors

✧ step out of a victim mindset and take responsibility of your own life

✧ get out of a lack mindset and create a mindset of abundance

✧ set healthy boundaries

✧ connect and work with your intuition & deeper knowing 

✧ create a personalized yoga practice

✧ create a personalized meditation practice

✧ build healthy nutrition habits based on your constitution 

✧ build healthy lifestyle habits based on your constitution 

✧ live a more meaningful life

✧ and much more!

​You will have a safe, nonjudgmental space to discuss your goals and needs, which allows for growth! 

Sessions will be according to your schedule.

Schedule a Free Connection Call to see we'd be a good fit in working together! We'll discuss your intention and current goals. Look forward to learning more about You! :)

"My name is Orane and the reason I want to share about my experience working with Shannon is because it had and still has a big and positive impact on all aspects of my daily life, work, relationships and experiences.

I've been reluctant to explore healing practices such as yoga, meditation, reiki, Ayurveda, or spiritual life coaching for years, probably because I was stuck in the belief that it would take too much time and effort to implement new routines, changes, and ways of navigating through life. 

A natural shift happened when I met Shannon, because I realized throughout conversations and initiatory sessions with her, that she is a knowledgeable teacher and coach in all these fields. She is always able to find creative ways of making deep work feel light, easy to implement, and fun. Most importantly, she was able to create a safe space where it felt easy to expose what I would struggle with and be open to change or improve. 

I would recommend working with her to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle in every sense of the word. Personally, she changed my approach to yoga, meditation, work, and relationships. I've seen my stress levels significantly go down and as a result my productivity and happiness go up, as I would implement her methods and valuable advice" -Orane F.

"I would definitely recommend Shannon as a practitioner, especially to people who feel like they have lost their way. To people who feel like they lost themselves in their jobs and that sounds like the most important thing to them. Also, to those who have lost a sense of pleasure in the small things in life. Working with Shannon helped me get back on track with my purpose in life. It made me aware of how I want to use my energy in a way that matters, both for me and for the people around me" -Cecilia R.

"Shannon brings her own extensive experience and inner work to the sessions, and in a gentle but powerful way explores the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual space to find opportunities for growth and expansion. I find working with her to be truly helpful." -Ignatius N. 

"Shannon is a knowledgable and excellent teacher. She provides a comfortable and fun atmosphere with an emphasis on finding what works best for each individual. Highly recommend her, I instantly felt lighter and happier after a few private lessons." -Angelica V.

"Shannon helped guide me through a very transformational period of my life. Our sessions helped me uncover a lot of patterns that weren't serving and remove some emotional blockages. She also helped me build a few mindful practices that I still use 2 years later." -Bryan P.

Schedule a Free Connection Call to see we'd be a good fit in working together! We'll discuss your intention and current goals. Look forward to learning more about You! :)