Spiritual Life Coaching 

"My name is Orane and the reason I want to share about my experience working with Shannon is because it had and still has a big and positive impact on all aspects of my daily life, work, relationships and experiences.

I've been reluctant to explore healing practices such as yoga, meditation, reiki, Ayurveda, or spiritual life coaching for years, probably because I was stuck in the belief that it would take too much time and effort to implement new routines, changes, and ways of navigating through life. 

A natural shift happened when I met Shannon, because I realized throughout conversations and initiatory sessions with her, that she is a knowledgeable teacher and coach in all these fields. She is always able to find creative ways of making deep work feel light, easy to implement, and fun. Most importantly, she was able to create a safe space where it felt easy to expose what I would struggle with and be open to change or improve. 

I would recommend working with her to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle in every sense of the word. Personally, she changed my approach to yoga, meditation, work, and relationships. I've seen my stress levels significantly go down and as a result my productivity and happiness go up, as I would implement her methods and valuable advice" -Orane F.

"I would definitely recommend Shannon as a practitioner, especially to people who feel like they have lost their way. To people who feel like they lost themselves in their jobs and that sounds like the most important thing to them. Also, to those who have lost a sense of pleasure in the small things in life. Working with Shannon helped me get back on track with my purpose in life. It made me aware of how I want to use my energy in a way that matters, both for me and for the people around me" -Cecilia R.

"Shannon brings her own extensive experience and inner work to the sessions, and in a gentle but powerful way explores the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual space to find opportunities for growth and expansion. I find working with her to be truly helpful." -Ignatius N. 

"Shannon is a knowledgable and excellent teacher. She provides a comfortable and fun atmosphere with an emphasis on finding what works best for each individual. Highly recommend her, I instantly felt lighter and happier after a few private lessons." -Angelica V.

"Shannon helped guide me through a very transformational period of my life. Our sessions helped me uncover a lot of patterns that weren't serving and remove some emotional blockages. She also helped me build a few mindful practices that I still use 2 years later." -Bryan P.

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Crystal Reiki

“Shannon is a knowledgable & intuitive reiki practitioner. She provided a safe & professional space & guided me into a deep relaxation with a sense of softness & care. Her ability to attune to my energy was comforting & inspiring, as was her guidance on how to balance different areas of my energetic body."       -Karli O.

“My Reiki treatment with Shannon was a regenerating and eye-opening experience. I felt deeply connected both with my physical and spiritual body.  During the session, I was aware of the energetic flow in my body, and I could enter a meditative state that helped me see certain aspects of my life more clearly. I left the session re-balanced, with a clearer focus and extremely relaxed. I definitely recommend this session if you’re looking to work on your energetic balance, physical well-being and spiritual development.” -Cecilia R.

“I had an amazing experience and even more amazing energy from Shannon. I think she has a special gift to heal and help people and just nailed everything that I feel.” -Jonathan 

“Deep down I felt my energy was all over the place & with this reiki session by Shannon I experienced it more. It awakened within me that I should do something with it. Definitely coming back soon for another session." -Susanne L.

“As it was my first reiki session ever, I did not know what to expect, but Shannon made me feel very comfortable. After the session, the feedback she gave me abut blockages in my body that really resonated because of injuries I have & some frustrations and anger I’ve been dealing with. After the session I felt really calm, but energetic. Thanks a lot for this session and I'd love to come                     back!” -Ramon K.

“Shannon is a really good reiki practitioner. She made me feel comfortable and she was very professional. I would highly recommend going to see her.” -Adam T.

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Private Yoga

"Shannon is an amazing teacher! She really helped me get comfortable with my practice and I've stuck with her ever since! She's very helpful and her guidance is calming and instructional. Amazing teacher can't wait for more!" -Lena K.

"Shannon focuses on the inner core of yoga and the asanas: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She brings deep awareness and experience to each session, and my connection to the practice has deepened and transformed as a result." -Ignatius N.

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Corporate Yoga

“I did not have that much experience with yoga, before Shannon started teaching here. But I can say that I really enjoy her teaching. Her sessions are the sublime blend of intensive and relaxing moments, while she also brings new postures each week. I’m not the only one that feels this way, as we welcomed a lot of hesitating colleagues into the lessons; now we can’t get rid of them.” -Lucas B.

“Shannon is very professional in her teaching. She makes you understand the deeper meaning of the movements and motivates you to develop yourself. It's always very relaxing to do a yoga session with her in our office after a long day of hard work.”-Liselot B.

“Shannon's classes are excellent. Shannon transmits a wholesome message both by words and the postures she instructs. Her lessons breathe the philosophy that matters simply are, that the coping mechanism is acceptance of those matters, rather than alteration. During the yoga class Shannon plays some fine tunes too. I would thus recommend her as a yoga teacher.” -Thomas W.

I like Shannon's way of teaching due to the dynamics of the class. Besides, it's very efficient to do yoga right after your working day in your own office, not having to travel to a studio.” -Zach B.

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Multidimensional Therapy

"Completely lost track of time and recharged completely. Shannon is a perfect guided healer." -José V.

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Public Classes

"Shannon is great! You get spiritual advice, a strong flow, and real muscle training. Sweat included"

"Shannon is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher. Her classes are fun, dynamic and the right amount of physical challenge. I definitely recommend her yoga classes." -Shiri L.

"Shannon is a great teacher, giving good assistance and creating a perfect yoga experience." -Laura

"Very kind and well informed. Learned a ton and left very happy." -Morgan

"Great class! Shannon takes the time to explain the postures." -Cristina

"Beautiful, challenging class! Shannon takes you on a journey and keeps you breathing and sweating."